Best Button Camera – Small Wearable Cameras Guide 2019

When it comes to spy cameras, there are pens, speakers, picture frames, alarm clock cameras and much more. As great as many of these cameras are, they can be very limited in the footage they capture since mobility can be an issue. However, when it comes to the ultimate spy camera, button cameras are definitely one of the best types of spy cameras out.

Button cameras not only function as well as any other spy camera out there, but they also function as an actual button would as well. This means you can actually wear the device and have it capture footage totally hands-free and undetected.

When deciding on the best button camera to purchase, there are a few things that you may want in this particular type of spy camera if you want to maximize its potential.

The best button camera should have the following:

– Realistic Appearance so that it not only looks just like an actual button but functions like one too. This allows you to be able to wear the device on your clothing with it totally undetected.

– High Definition resolution so that it can capture the clearest footage possible. With the size of the device being so small, having a tiny lens can mean horrible footage if the resolution sucks. Having a high definition resolution ability means being able to clearly see what you record.

– Decent Storage capability whether via an SD memory card or through an app. Having a good amount of storage means not having to worry about limited recording ability. You don’t want to be in the middle of recording something important, only to run out of space halfway through.

While there are many other features that most of the latest button camera comes equipped with, which ones you opt for are really just specific to your personal needs.

Below, I’ve listed some of my top picks for button cameras, what their features are, and what I think about each.
Hopefully, this helps you when trying to decide on the best button camera for you. Enjoy!


The Best Button Cameras Of 2019


GEAGLE 1080P HD Button Hidden Spy Camera

This button camera by Geagle is so awesome! It is super small and can pass for an actual button, yet it can record in high definition 1080P! Not only is the recording capability amazing, but this device is super easy to operate as well. No need to download or install anything. Once you insert a memory card, you can begin recording immediately.

And when you need to ensure you don’t miss any important footage or event, just set it on loop for a non-stop recording session.


Records in high definition 1080P.

This is a really great camera all across the board and provides many usable features to make recording a success, making this one of my favorites.



Mini Wireless Spy Camera by Avioco

The Avioco spy camera is the size of a button, with the features of a full-size surveillance camera. This miniature size spy cam can record and take photos in 640P, 720, and 1080P resolution.

With remote viewing option, you can either view your footage in real time, or playback later.

For remote access to a live view, simply have your device connected to your home Wi-Fi, then use your mobile device, phone or tablet, to view a live feed from anywhere you are.

When it comes to actual recording, there are two options. You can set your device on loop recording, which will record continuously for the amount of battery life, about six hours, or it can record and charge simultaneously.

Looping your recordings means you will have to go through all of the footage for that time span.

The other option is to set the motion detection. With motion detection on, your camera will only begin recording whenever it senses movement. Once the movement stops, so will the recording. Doing it this way means not going through empty footage. If there is a recording, then something is available for viewing.

You can also set the notification to on so that if you are away from your home, whenever there is movement, you are alerted so that you, and up to four people, may view the footage in real time.

Another feature on this Avioco camera that’s awesome is that it can record independent of Wi-Fi. Just insert a memory card and the recorded footage will save onto the SD card.

Even still, you can set your recording option to looping or motion detection. Because it can operate without the need for Wi-Fi, this device is excellent as a body camera, the ultimate spy cam, because it can be disguised as a button or placed anywhere inconspicuously.


Can operate independently of Wi-Fi.

Remote access viewing in real time is available.

Motion detection capability.

Can record in high definition 1080P.

Supports up to 64GB SD card.





Mini Spy Camera with Night Vision by ZZCP

This is one of the smallest body cameras out, about the size of a finger, but has just as many, if not more, features than many other hidden camera’s. This device records in a high-quality resolution of 1080P with 30 FPS (frames per second), and even has optional recording settings.

For non-stop recording, just program the camera to loop so that it records continuously. Or, you can opt for the motion detection setting which will only record whenever there is movement.

This camera can also record at night using four, non illuminated, infrared led lights for a clear image capture while still remaining undetectable.

One of the coolest features about this camera is that it has removable magnets and mirrors. The magnets, of course, allow you to be able to place the camera in many different and discrete places. The mirrors actually go above the lens and help to hide the camera even more by reflecting images of the surrounding area.

This camera can support an SD care of up to 32GB and comes with a bracket, clip, sling, magnet, mirrors, and adhesive.


Mirror attachment for extra concealment.
Magnets enable placement options.
Night vision with infrared led lights.
Optional loop or motion detection settings.
Records independent of Wi-Fi
Clips and camera size allow it to be used as a body camera.



Not remotely accessible.

This is an amazing camera for pretty much a type of recording scenario. It can be used as a body camera for covert recording or to just get a first-person point of view when doing sports.

The night vision makes it great for secretly recording in low light and the motion detection option helps save battery life and time going through empty footage. Not being able to remotely access it is only a big deal depending on how you need to use it. However, for the most part, this camera has everything most people could need and more.



Digital Pen Camera by FUVISION

This is a great camera for when you may need to record a business meeting or a contract signing, et cetera. Even if the other party is aware of your recording, using this pin style recording device as opposed to a traditional camera can help the situation be less awkward.

This camera is very easy to use right out of the box, with no need to download anything or install any apps.

The Fuvision recording pen captures footage in high definition 1080P and comes with a free internal memory of 16GB.

When you are ready to record, just press the record button and this pen will record for up to two hours.


Works just like a regular pen so it is fully incognito.
Time stamps can be added to recordings.
Comes with a free internal 16GB memory.
Can record for up to two hours.
Operates independently of Wi-Fi.
Works straight out of the box with no downloading or installation.


No night vision capabilities.

If you are using it in a business setting such as a meeting or a conference, then I think everything it does is more than good. Having the night vision option would have just allowed the camera to work optimally even in a low lit situation, for example, the lights in the office were dimmed for a presentation. But, for the most part, I think this is a really awesome camera.





Hidden Camera 800TVL Button Screw Camera by TPEKKA

The TPEKKA is a high definition super mini surveillance camera disguised as a regular screw, and records in 800TVL allowing for clear picture and video capture.

In video mode, you are able to view footage live and in real-time.

This device is totally disguise and can be hidden in walls or objects to blend in for total concealment.


The innovativeness of the design itself makes this totally undetectable.
Remote accessibility.


No motion detection option.
Remote access is limited.

The concept of this camera is nice as far as the concealment is concerned. However, with no motion detection option, you are bound to have a lot of empty footage unless you are just watching it in live view. And even then, the remote access is via a converter setup and not through a mobile app that allows for viewing from anywhere.

This could be useful if you are trying to monitor another room within the same house or building. Filming in any other situation may not be possible.





LawMate HD 1080P Button Camera by Spy-MAX Lawmate

This LawMate mini spy camera produces the ultimate high definition, high-quality video. The 1080P resolution along with its 2MP CMOS camera makes for the clearest and most defined images.

Not only is this mini camera super covert in its appearance, but it can also be paired with an external microphone as well.


External microphone compatibility.
Super high resolution and CMOS.
Very discrete and natural appearance.


No night vision capability.

Other than the fact that this camera doesn’t have a night vision feature, it is very much so an excellent spy camera! The button detail looks so realistic and is so small, even up close no one would be the wiser.

The high definition 1080P along with 2MP digital CMOS makes for the highest quality imagery imaginable.

The icing on the cake is that, unlike most spy cameras, this one actually allows for audio recording as well.


Hidden Spy Camera by WEMLB

The mini spy camera by WEMLB offers many different features at a very affordable cost. With one of the smallest lenses available, this little spy camera can capture footage in high definition 1080P. With wireless technology, this device is very mobile and hassle-free.

Not only does it function exceptionally well as a camera, but it also functions and looks just like a normal button on your shirt. You can wear this camera as a body cam as it is most discrete, or you leave it home and watch from wherever you are.

The camera can send alerts to your phone whenever there is any activity and allows you full mobile access in real-time or record footage to watch at a later time. Because of the camera’s app, you don’t need an SD card. Footage can be stored via the camera’s app or even on your mobile phone.


This device is fully mobile and can be used to record anywhere.
No SD card needed as footage can be stored via the camera’s app or even your mobile phone.
Remote access is available as well as live streaming.
Notification can be sent whenever there is a strange activity.
Looks and functions just like a normal button for maximum discretion.
Records in 1080P for a high-quality high definition video capture.
The camera may be controlled via the app.
This device is very affordable.
Comes with a warranty of two years.


I wish this had the ability to record audio or at least use an external microphone.

This is by far one the best mini spy cameras I have seen thus far. The functionality of not the technical aspect with all of the features, but the design itself works just like an actual button. You could actually wear this device on your shirt and not only will it look like an actual button, but it will also act like one too.

The mobile accessibility is great but the storage capabilities are above par! Not having to deal with a memory card and being able to store on your mobile phone is definitely amazing.

With all of its awesome abilities and features, the only thing this camera is missing is the ability to record audio. I think if it were capable of doing that, it would be my number one camera, hands down.

Nevertheless, this device is great for use as a spy cam in a nursery or even as a body cam for capturing point of view footage.

Nowadays, when it comes to choosing a good surveillance camera, the options are plentiful depending on what particular style of surveillance you are looking for. For the button mini cameras, you probably want to be able to use it as a body camera, hence the button design. When shopping for your button spy camera, there are a couple of things that it should definitely be able to do, in order to be a good button spy cam.

Firstly, make sure it is has a realistic appearance so that the camera is as discrete as possible. If it is obviously a camera, then that defeats the entire purpose of the button design.

You want something that has a really good picture quality, especially since the lens is so small. You want to be able to see the footage clearly whenever you view it.

Lastly, in order for a button spy camera to really be effective, you will need to be able to wear it. The device needs to be able to be mobile otherwise it’ll be really difficult to get the most out of the button design.

Other than the basics, any additional features really just depend on what your particular situation is and what you want out of your device. You may not need remote access but having it can be a nice extra. Or, you may not need cloud storage, but having it is a plus.

Hopefully, this list has helped you in deciding the best spy camera for you!

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