Best Listening Device 2019

It can be difficult to choose the perfect hidden microphone for your needs because there are so many products on the market. This list will feature five hidden listening devices that are the top products on the market at the moment to provide you with the information to make the best decision for you. The hidden microphones on this list are well disguised, no one will suspect the recording device hidden inside.

Spy microphones can be used by anyone who is looking for a secretive device that can capture clear audio. They are useful for a number of different occasions which has led the products to rise in popularity. Perhaps you are a student or an intern who has difficulty retaining all the information in meetings or classrooms.

The increased demand for spy microphones has driven up the number of products available on the market. While it is great to have a diverse selection, it can also make choosing the right microphone more complicated. Too many companies want a piece of the new market, and many choose to create cheap products instead of quality ones. The following five microphones were chosen to help you find the perfect microphone for your needs. Each one caters to different audiences and customer needs so each worried student, partner, or young professional can find the perfect device for them.


1. Olympus Noise Cancelling Microphone

The Olympus Noise Cancelling Microphone is one of the lightest microphones on the market. The sleek model is made of lightweight plastic, and it can easily be concealed in different locations. The small microphone is only 5 cm wide and 3 cm high. The chord is slightly longer than 25 cm.

The Olympus Noise Cancelling Microphone has been praised for the sound quality. The noise canceling capabilities of the microphone prevent background noise from interfering with the sound you want to record. It allows the background noise to be canceled out, providing you with only the audio you want to record. It also has a small screen. The protective tie clip allows you to operate the microphone without having to constantly hold it. It simply clips on to your tie or other clothing item and can be operated without using your hands.

The Olympus Noise Cancelling Microphone is also one of the cheaper products on the market that is still incredibly high quality. The price is incredible for the hand free option. It also provides the best background noise reduction capabilities of the other microphones.



Sony ECMAW4 Wireless Microphone (Black)

The Sony Clip-on mic is a high-quality spy microphone that was created by the household brand Sony. Sony is known for its quality technology products. The little microphone can clip into place so you won’t need to use your hands to operate it.

This product is highly rated because of its ability to record in an omnidirectional way. It can simply be rotated towards the sound to record it. The gadget can record high-quality sound after you place it in the direction of the sound. It is the perfect option for those who don’t need to hide or disguise the microphone. For people who want to record their thoughts or a speech, the Sony Clip-on mic is the perfect microphone.

The cord of the microphone is the standard length of headphone cords. It has enough reach to clip onto the collar and be placed inside the pocket. It can also be kept out of view easily. It functions with iOS and Android devices so you won’t need to worry if the microphone works with your mobile device. It can also be plugged into a laptop or desktop as long as it can be placed into a 3.5 mm microphone jack.

Another feature of the microphone is that it does not require any batteries. It recharges at the line level. The Sony Clip-on mic is one of the best cheaper offers on the market. The renowned company ensures the product is still high quality while also making it incredibly affordable. This product is on the cheaper side of the products available on the market. However, it isn’t as easy to hide like some of the other, more expensive, products available. The conventional design might not be as sleek as other designs, but it provides high-quality audio recording at a low price.




Flash Drive Microphone

For those who are looking for a subtle microphone, the flash drive microphone might be the perfect spy microphone. The simple recorder functions as a USB drive and a keyring. It comes in both black and silver designs.

The recorder is hidden inside the flash drive and the USB light does not turn on when it is recording. This prevents the professor, interviewer, or boss from noticing that the USB drive might be more than it appears. The operating buttons make this microphone easy to use. It starts recording when the button is pressed. It stops recording with the simple press of a button. This ensures it remains well hidden because it does not have a lot of buttons that might suggest it is more than a USB drive.

When you are done recording, simply insert the USB drive into your PC or laptop and the recordings will appear as WAV files. The people who are using Apple laptops might need to do a bit more to get their sound files to appear. Don’t be concerned if you have an iOS product; the process of getting your files is not that much longer. You will simply need to download a VLC player to get into your recordings.

The USB design allows you to transfer the files without any stress. They have a lot of storage, and they can record up to 15 hours at a time. The 8GB of storage is larger than most microphones. The flash drive microphone is also handy because it will simply automatically recharge its batteries when it is plugged into your computer. Other microphones require manual charging, but this one will charge on its own. It will even recharge while you are listening to your files.

For those who are questioning whether this product is right for you or not, take a look at the price. The high-quality recorder is priced in the middle of the market, and it is worth every penny. The discreet design makes it easier to hide in plain sight, and the cheaper models do not support as many different file types.



The Ballpoint Pen Recorder

For those who are willing to spend a bit more money on a high-quality recorder, the ballpoint pen recorder might be the best option. The lightweight pen is an easy way to hide the fact that you are recording someone. The outside is a sleek black ballpoint pen that doesn’t look any different from a nice pen. However, underneath there is a voice recorder. This ballpoint pen recorder will allow you to take notes while recording what they said without them even hinting that you might be recording. It is also perfect for students who want to record complicated lectures while still taking notes.

The audio quality is also very high at 192 Kbps, and it contains noise reduction technology. This allows you to record focused audio without getting all the background noise of moving cars or white noise that occurs in an office.

You can feel just like James Bond when you use the spy pen to record audio. The recording can be activated by your voice with a simple command while you operate it without using your hands. The only aspect that might be questionable about the product is the automatic recording feature. It might be switched off and on without saving the audio. It might be useful in some situations, but it could also be inconvenient in others.

The storage capabilities are between 4 and 8 GB of storage, holding up to 180 hours of recordings. For students, that is an entire semester worth of courses. If you struggle to stay awake in your 9 A.M. lecture, take the pen with you to record the lecture while you catch up on your sleep. The rechargeable battery works easily and is not complicated. The MP3 player also allows you to transcribe recordings.

The Ballpoint Pen Recorder is the most expensive product on the list. However, with the unique design and the hidden in plain sight quality allows you to record easily. The product is very nimble and is one of the best products available on the market. The pen is well worth the higher price.

It works right out of the voice, and it is supported on both Mac and PCs. The computer simply needs to open the folder as a WAV file.

However, some customers believed that the product was difficult because it can’t be disassembled. Taking apart the pen will stop it from working when you put it back together. IT is also difficult to tell when it is recording and when it isn’t.




The Sony recorder is the best audio recorder on the market. The small device is activated by your voice, and it has a number of other advanced features. The package includes a high performing microphone that can fit easily onto your belt or in a pocket. The small deice is 6.1 x 4.3 x1.1 inches., making it larger than some of the others mentioned in this list. However, the larger size allows the device to have a better quality microphone because it takes up more room. The larger size also allows you to have a screen that provides immediate feedback on your recording. You can also change the recording settings easily. The battery also lasts longer than some of the others.

You do not need to look at the screen to start recording. It is also activated by your voice commands. The voice activation allows you to control the recorder from a distance without having to touch it. This provides greater flexibility when you are trying to record something.

The audio can listen to right on the device because it has a built-in speaker. It also has a headphone jack so you can listen to the recordings privately. The speaker is fairly rare for small spy recorders. Right next to the headphone jack is a microphone. The microphone is built into the machine, and it provides excellent recordings. The wide focus allows you to record in a larger space and can be adapted to almost any situation. The Sony recorder can function as a clip-on microphone, or a hand held one. The microphone also works well even when it is concealed in your pocket.

The USB allows you to connect to your Mac or PC to load your audio. It records in an MP3 format, so you don’t need to change the style of the files. The storage can also record LPCM audio. The Sony recorder is the highest quality microphone-recorder combination available on the market at the moment. Though it might be larger than the competition, it is a high-quality piece of equipment. The Sony digital recorder has more than three hundred customer reviews with an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5. It can record more than eight hours of audio.




The best value for your money depends on what you are looking for in a hidden recording device. The last three models on this list are the highest quality, but they can also be a bit pricy if you are looking to record simple things. However, if you need high-quality audio recordings in a discreet device, they are the best products available.

The ballpoint pen provides a level of convenience that is not offered by the others. The USB models provide an extra disguise to keep anyone from noticing that you are recording.

However, before you buy, you might need to be aware of several factors. The first is the Kbps, otherwise known as the kilobytes per second. This describes the recording quality of the devices like an MP3. The higher the kilobytes per second, the better the sound quality. For example, 128 Kbps is about the equivalent of radio sound quality. 200Kpbs is more advanced sound quality.

When you purchase your hidden recorder, it is important to consider why you want to buy the miniature microphone. If you want to record classes or lectures, make sure you look at the kilobytes per sound. However, if you want to purchase it as a gift, you need to consider what they might want to use it for. It is also important to consider how much storage you will need before you make a decision. The amount of storage in the devices can vary significantly. If you only need to record an hour or two of audio, the storage won’t matter as much. However, if you are a doctoral student, you might need to record a lot of different memos.

You might also want to consider if you need a noise reduction feature. If you are recording in a large venue, you might want to buy a product that reduces background noise so you can get the audio you want. If you plan to record outside, it is also important to have a noise reduction feature.

It is also important to consider how discreet you need the microphone to be. If your boss or professor do not want you to record the meeting, you might want to record a discreet microphone.

Once you have considered what you want the microphone for, you can make an informed and sensible purchasing choice according to your needs. You will have fun with your new spy recorder while you also get everything recorded!

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