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Best Nanny Cameras – Keeping A Secret Eye On Your Nanny

Being busy sometimes keeps us from tracking of what’s happening at home. If you have little kids, this can be a problem. You can always hire a babysitter, but really, will that keep your mind at peace? If you have older kids, meanwhile, leaving them alone at home isn’t always the best option. Yes there are other camera devices around the home like peephole cameras on the front door, but this in isolation won’t enable you keep an eye on the people looking after your kids.

So if you’re out of town on a business trip but want to have that peace of mind while the kids are at home, what’s the best option?

Get a nanny cam.

The best nanny cam offers security by providing camera feed in whatever room you install it in. Some nanny cams can blend in their surroundings and can be hidden well, so that’s an advantage. It’s a smart and fool-proof way of keeping an eye on the children and even pets.

But with so many products in the market today, how will you know which one to choose?

That’s the objective of this buying guide. Along with our best picks, here are some tips on how to choose a nanny cam.


Considerations When Buying A Nanny Cam

Prior to buying any nanny cam, there are various features you should remember. Frequently, it boils down to precisely what you need the nanny cam to do. Is it intended to covertly watch out for a room, or would you say you are fine with the gadget being noticeable?

Whatever you’re searching for, here are a couple of tips on what to consider while looking for a nanny cam.

Camera Movement
Most cameras are intended to give you a wide perspective on a given space. While in live view these cameras will probably enable you to zoom-in by means of advanced zoom. Be that as it may, different cameras enable you to move the camera directionally. These cameras are normally not the “concealed” nanny cams yet rather are effectively recognizable as a surveillance camera.

In the event that you need the capacity to move the focal point to confront distinctive regions of the room, this is something you ought to consider.

Review and Recording Options
Diverse cameras will have a distinctive survey and recording alternatives. Most current nanny cams will enable you to watch a live feed of the camera, albeit some will record straightforwardly to an inward microSD card or cloud administration for later review.

A decent video quality will start at around 640×480. The best nanny cameras will give you the alternative to modify the quality. The lower quality film will permit more extra room, while a higher quality will top off your memory card quicker.

You should consider the sort of chronicle choices the camera accompanies. Some expect you to buy into a cloud administration. More often than not, this is only a couple of dollars a month, however, it is an additional, constant cost to remember.

Different cameras enable you to record legitimately to an inner stockpiling gadget, and there are some that possibly kick on the account when development is recognized.

At whatever point you’re managing video gear there will dependably be a somewhat significant contrast in the cost. Customarily the more you spend on video gear the higher quality and the better solid you’ll get (this isn’t 100% the case, yet as a general rule the more you spend the better the quality).

Fortunately, video has made some amazing progress as of late, so you can, in any case, spend a little measure of cash to get a more than satisfactory picture.

The cost doesn’t simply direct the nature of the video, however. It additionally influences the measure of video camera and how effectively shrouded it is. In some cases, the nanny cam is covered up inside another gadget so it isn’t detectable. Camouflaging the camera can be dubious, so it may cost more to do as such.

Before looking, know the amount you’re happy with spending.

The structure of the nanny cam will rely upon your requirements. Would it be advisable for it to be a mystery or would you say you are fine with it being an undeniable camera?

In the event that you need to keep it covered up, there are a wide range of gadgets that will look subtle while on a bookshelf or shelf.

In case you’re fine with it resembling a camera do you truly need a surveillance camera-like plan sitting in the corner, or would you rather have something more inviting in appearance, particularly on the off chance that you need it in your child’s room?

This comes down to an individual inclination, yet you ought to have a general thought of what you need before you begin looking.


Here’s Our 8 Top-Rated Best Nanny Cams

YI Dome Camera

The YI Dome Camera delivers dependable observing without using up every last cent. Besides, we believe it’s quite adorable for a nanny cam. What makes the YI camera emerge is its enemy of commotion channel. This channel quiets surrounding clamor to give you completely clear sound. So on the off chance that you need to tell the kiddos goodnight or get an update from the sitter, you won’t need to manage scratchy, suppressed sound. This camera likewise offers boundless cloud stockpiling for nothing. Two or three drawbacks incorporate setup battles and a little night vision scope of ten feet. Be that as it may, in case you’re just endeavoring to monitor a dozing child, ten feet ought to do it.


Anti-clamor channel
Unlimited cloud recording


Minimal night vision
Setup issues
App security concerns




D-Link Pan and Tilt Camera

Clients rave about how simple the D-Link Pan and Tilt Camera is to set up and use. You needn’t bother with a PC programming degree to get things running the manner in which you need. The camera accompanies sharp HD goals, night vision, and a PIR (inactive infrared) sensor that improves it at identifying movement. D-Link’s camera will associate with your home’s remote system, so you can monitor your children from your telephone and get alarms if the gadget distinguishes movement. In any case, it just stores video on a MicroSD card, so you can’t get to accounts remotely.


Live video stream
Motion cautions
Simple setup and task


Hit-and-miss application execution
Some video slack time




NETGEAR Arlo Wireless Security Camera

This camera emerges from the rest since it can withstand indoor or open-air atmospheres—from 14℉ to 122℉. In the event that your children play in the terrace a great deal or you have a pool you need to screen, you can utilize NETGEAR’s Arlo Wireless Security Camera to watch out for your kids. In addition, this camera is furnished with night vision, so you’ll have the capacity to perceive what’s going on notwithstanding when it’s dim. Yet, it is estimated genuinely high, and you have to buy a base station to interface the camera to your home Wi-Fi and utilize the application.


Indoor/open air work
Wide edge focal point
Magnetic mounts
Free moving cloud stockpiling


Costs more
Requires base station




Nest Cam Indoor

Nest’s indoor surveillance camera is smooth—like the majority of its items. Intended to be mounted or laid on a level surface, you can utilize it wherever you need the most sitter observing. Nest Cam Indoor accompanies fancy odds and ends like movement cautions, night vision, live spilling, and 8x zoom. While it’s truly expensive—about $200—Nest is an organization that produces high caliber and enduring items that merit the spend too much. Furthermore, you can store almost boundless video in light of the fact that the Nest Cam matches up with the cloud. Be that as it may, full access to highlights and capacity may require a month to month Nest Aware membership, so make sure to peruse the fine print before you click the “purchase” catch.


Works with other Nest items
Delivers a bunch of savvy abilities
Features 8x zoom
Offers cloud stockpiling


Costs more than different cameras
Requires Nest Aware membership for certain highlights




Blink Indoor Home Security Camera System

Blink cameras are thoroughly sans wire, which gives you the opportunity to put them anyplace. Also, you can add various cameras to watch out for various rooms in the meantime. On the off chance that your brood is spread all through the house, this framework can give you the genuine feelings of serenity you need from knowing everybody’s alright. You can observe live video or audit recorded film that is put away for nothing on the cloud—you never need to pay a membership or sign an agreement. Be that as it may, it gets costly on the off chance that you need different cameras, so ensure you assess what you need before heaping up a cluster of cameras in your truck.


2-year battery life
Voice control with Amazon Alexa
Free cloud stockpiling
Ability to extend to numerous rooms


No night vision
No two-way talk



Wyze Cam Pan

Our most loved thing about the Wyze Cam Pan (other than the sticker price) is its movement following element. On the off chance that your child slithers over the floor or Fido goes through the room, the camera will bolt onto the activity and tail it until it stops. This gives you a total image of what’s going on at home when you’re not there. Furthermore, this little camera can complete a 360° sweep of a whole stay with its Pan Scan highlight. You’ll be awed with every one of the highlights Wyze stuffed into this camera that will just set you back about $40. The greatest drawback we found was the wired power line. In spite of the fact that it’s more drawn out than most, despite everything it limits where you can put the camera.


Motion following component
Free moving cloud stockpiling
Two-way sound


Power cord
Inconsistent pop-up messages
Network security concerns




Falcon Watch HawkCam Pro

Appreciate a speedy setup with this amazing surveillance camera because of a helpful QR code. When it’s fully operational, you can complete a ton. Utilize its two-path sound to speak with guardians in your home, sign into the application to observe live gushing video, and record clear video notwithstanding when it’s dim. This home surveillance camera/nanny cam has a little profile, so it won’t be seen—even while it’s caught up with seeing a great deal. In any case, this is anything but a shrouded camera, so on the off chance that you need to catch a secretive film, this camera probably won’t address your issues.


Easy to set up
Designed for live review


Too extensive to cover up



Brickhouse Security CAM-MICRO Hidden Camera

This is the sort of camera you can put into the eye of a teddy bear to take concealed video of your nanny. While it might be little, its 1280 x 720 HD res catches superb video. The extra room is additionally phenomenal. You can connect a memory card up to 64GB, so it will record for a considerable length of time before you’ll need to supplant it. What’s more, you won’t get stuck in an unfortunate situation with the law since this shrouded nanny camera doesn’t record sound. In any case, the cost is genuinely high, and there’s no Wi-Fi network. You’ll need to connect the memory card to your PC to watch the recording.


Compact estimate
Large MicroSD stockpiling
Rechargeable power supply
High definition film


High sticker price
No Wi-Fi availability



How To Install A Nanny Camera?

The establishment procedure of a nanny camera is incredibly basic and just requires the correct devices for it. A remote camera might be favored as they can be introduced anyplace in the house by a decent collector extend connected to a PC or a video recorder. These cameras are accessible with a wide scope of 500 feet yet a standard 300 feet range will take into account typical sort use and are similarly more popular.

The cameras would then be able to be added to the remote system by essentially following simple advances given in the establishment guides. Subsequent to getting the camera on the system, a live view can be gotten to by an iPhone or Android. Aside from this, for PC seeing, programming is likewise accessible in the market to help set up a chronicle plan.

Where To Place A Nanny Cam?
It very well may be anyplace from a divider, roof, work area, clock and so forth however for completing your activity effectively, few elements are to be dealt with like low light execution, or video quality as the execution of the camera can be improved by choosing fitting above said factors.

Best Place To Mount A Nanny Cam
It is constantly encouraged to peruse the security manual and introducing guidelines cautiously previously to maintain a strategic distance from any sort of misusing of the gadget. The best spot to put a camera would be a high rack or high on the divider, where it can’t be contacted or moved effectively. There must be no impediments in the perspective on the camera and the view must be cross-checked from different points and positions before mounting so as to have an ideal view.

Hardly any nation does not permit sound account yet a large portion of the nations have made it lawful to utilize nanny cams. There are sure limitations that must be dealt with while recording an individual’s discussion without his/her insight. A composed consent is fundamental, yet realize that any video recording reconnaissance can’t be set in rooms, washrooms or evolving rooms.

How To Hide Your Nanny Cam?
It is a smart thought to keep your cam covered up with the goal that no one can cripple it. Likewise, a couple of visitors feel discomforted by the careful gaze of a camera. There are not many approaches to guarantee that the nanny cam avoids being spotted.

• An Artificial Plant: Attractive zero-upkeep foliage is the most ideal way that can be made alongside a gadget to watch out for the undesirable things to happen despite your good faith.

• A stuffed toy: A rich toy can without much of a stretch be utilized to camouflage your nanny camera, yet it must be put someplace on a rack where it can’t be discarded by our little champ.

• Kitchen: The shrouded camera can be set in the kitchen to watch out for the nanny amid nourishment arrangement or it tends to be covered up in a mirror light where sustenance is commonly arranged.

• Light switch plate: A twofold switch plate is a decent spot to shroud your camera which is a more engaging and watchful alternative than concealing it out in the open.

• A bookshelf: Hiding a camera among similar shaded books is a beautiful method to hide it.

There are many government agent cameras for sitters or babysitters accessible in the market to pick from every one of the decisions accessible, the subtleties and other data is additionally required.



Nanny cams help in filling a particular need yet they have developed as of late. The measure of security they offer is very astounding. The nearness of these cameras helps guardians who are not home, to serve their eyes and ears to keep a beware of how the children are taken care of and treated.

The best thing about a nanny camera is that it is effectively accessible at a moderate cost. Take the required highlights and inclinations as far as cost, application, and size must into consideration when you select the best nanny cam. With the assistance of learning gained, it will be anything but difficult to pick a correct nanny cam according to your own needs. This is an ideal method to get true serenity that the children are sheltered in your nonappearance.

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