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Best Peephole Camera – 2019 Guide

Shopping for the Best Peephole Camera The Factors and Products You Need to Know
Most of us interact with people we don’t necessarily know on a daily basis.

We interact with them during our daily commute, we deal with them as we go shopping, and we sometimes even have random conversations with them as we go about our days.

There is nothing inherently wrong with interacting with people we don’t know too well. Unfortunately, there are also times when nefarious individuals make those daily interactions dreadful.

Even if we don’t think a stranger means any harm, one can never be too sure these days.

If you want to keep your family safe inside your home at all times, you will need a peephole camera.

In this article, we will talk about all things related to the peephole camera and we will also look at some of the best examples of that item that are currently available.


The Factors to Consider When Shopping for a Peephole Camera

As its name implies, the peephole camera is a device you install on your door so that you can get a clear view of who’s on the other side of it. It has the same fundamental objective as a more conventional peephole, except its more advanced and safer.

To better understand what you need to see in a peephole camera, please check out the factors listed below.

Fit on Your Door

Let’s start somewhere obvious. Before you purchase any kind of peephole camera, you have to be certain that it will actually work on your door.

Because you are installing a peephole camera, it should obviously fit on the peephole that you already have on your door. Some slight adjustments may be necessary, but for the most part, those cameras should line up well with the peepholes that are already present.


The other consideration is the wiring.

Some peephole cameras need the wires typically utilized by doorbells in order to work. If you are going to install one of those, be mindful of the wiring present. You may end up purchasing a peephole camera only to find out later on that it won’t even work for your home.

As much as possible, try to find those wire-free peephole cameras. Those will work on any type of door and most of them are also easier to install.


Field of View

The main purpose of the peephole camera is to let you know who is on the other side. To accomplish that, you will require a peephole camera that has a wide field of view.

According to, a basic camera should have a 130-degree view of the front of your door. You can consider that as the bare minimum for your peephole camera’s field of view.

The good news here is that you won’t have to spend too much time trying to find a peephole camera that can offer that kind of perspective. Many of the peephole cameras that are available today can offer views larger than 130 degrees.

Even those that fail to reach that mark but are still fairly close enough to it remain workable.


Picture Quality

Your peephole camera may be capable of seeing the entire area outside of your door, but that won’t matter much if it cannot provide you with a clear picture.

The camera included has to feature a decent megapixel count if it’s going to provide you with the type of picture quality you need.

Ideally, the camera you’re installing should feature at least 1.2 megapixels, according to Canitec. Anything less than that pixel count will make it difficult for you to make out the face of the individual on the other side of your door.


Test out the pixel count first before you install any peephole camera.

Picture quality matters even more if you are going to install the camera on a home older people live in. They will likely find it difficult to identify the face of the person on the other side of the door if the picture quality is not good enough.

Keep that in mind before you purchase any type of peephole camera.


Display Size

Picture quality matters a great deal for peephole cameras and the same holds true for the display size. After all, the camera being able to present a clear picture is not going to make a great deal of difference if the image itself is too small.

You should avoid getting a peephole camera that’s partnered with a screen significantly smaller than 2.5 inches. Slightly below that is still workable, but if you’re talking about an item that only comes with a 2-inch screen included, I would seriously consider purchasing a different peephole camera.

Once again, display size is even more important if you are getting the peephole camera for a home older people live in. They will likely encounter difficulties trying to figure out who is on the other side of the door if the display is too small. You can effectively eliminate that potential issue by getting a peephole camera with a sizable screen.


Ease of Use

The people who usually end up spending the most time at home are either kids or their elderly grandparents. The people in those age groups are not exactly known for how well they work with technology. Before you buy any type of peephole camera, you should remember that.

There’s no specific type of interface that I can just point to and say that it is user-friendly, but there are some hallmarks of it.

For one, a user-friendly interface should not require people to press too many buttons. If someone unfamiliar with technology is asked to press too many buttons, commands can get crossed up. If the camera can be operated well using just one or two clicks, that would be best.

Night Vision and Motion Detection
I’m bundling these two features together because they are both essential to the goal of capturing everyone who comes to your door either on video or in an image.

You can get away with using a peephole camera that doesn’t feature one of those features or perhaps even both of them, but you and the other residents of your home will have to be extra vigilant before opening the door for any guest.

Night vision is still the more important feature because there will be times when it will be extremely difficult to see what’s going on outside. That feature should help immensely.


Battery Type

Both replaceable and rechargeable batteries can be used to power peephole cameras, so which one is the better option?

Since peephole cameras have to work 24/7, they will consume a significant amount of energy. They won’t deplete replaceable batteries instantly, but you will likely still have to purchase new ones quite frequently.

It would be better to just get a peephole camera that makes use of rechargeable batteries instead. Sure, having to regularly charge camera batteries on top of your smartphone and possibly your laptop can be annoying at times, but it beats having your peephole camera offline when you need it.

In this case, it’s better to know exactly when you need to charge again instead of having to guess when replacements are needed.

Plus, some peephole cameras utilize rechargeable batteries that can last for weeks and even months. Those are the cameras that are the most reliable.


Audio Options

One more feature you should look for in a peephole camera is two-way talk. This feature will allow you to speak and listen to whoever’s waiting at your door. It’s a feature that will come in very handy if you’re having a hard time trying to figure out who just knocked or rang your doorbell.

Two-way talk is not a common peephole camera feature, but you can still find it if you search long enough.


The Best Peephole Cameras On The Market Today

If you’re looking for some good peephole cameras to consider, please feel free to check out the items listed below.


LaView Wireless Peephole Camera

Let’s get things started by taking a closer look at the Wireless Peephole Camera from LaView – one of the pricier options you’ll see on the market today.

We’re not talking about a small price difference here either. Many of the peephole cameras you’ll see being sold today don’t even reach triple digits, and yet, this item is fairly close to the $200 mark.

So, is this peephole camera worth the extra dollars?

What becomes clear right away is that the manufacturers have loaded this item with a bunch of helpful features that will make it even more helpful to have around. It has that hard-to-find two-way talk feature we discussed earlier and it can also record videos in 720p.

If you decide that you don’t want to erase the videos recorded by your peephole camera, you can also take advantage of the extra cloud storage space available or make use of an SD card.

I also love the fact that this peephole camera can stay online for about two months on a single charge.

Weirdly, the lens used in this peephole camera is quite narrow. The 120-degree wide angle lens should still offer a decent view, but it should have been better considering the price.

Whether all of that is worth the elevated price tag is up to you.


Comes with the two-way talk feature
Records videos in 720p
Large 4.3-inch touchscreen
Can connect to cloud storage if you need extra space
Capable of lasting up to two months on a single charge


Relatively small 120-degree lens
Significantly more expensive than many other peephole cameras


Eques Digital Door Viewer & Doorbell

Some of the peephole cameras being offered today can be complicated to use. You may have to download an app and constantly use that app just to look at what the camera is seeing. That is not the ideal type of peephole camera for elderly residents and kids who often struggle with technology.

If you are looking for something easier to use, you may want to check out the Digital Door Viewer & Doorbell from Eques.

There’s no need to download any app because all the things that need to be tinkered with are present on the device itself. The interface is also straightforward and intuitive. It won’t be tough to figure out even for people inexperienced with technology.

You can also add a 32GB SD card to this camera if you want it to store a bunch of files. The field of view is not bad as well at 165 degrees.

Once the battery has been fully charged, you can expect this peephole camera to remain active for about a month.

Similar to other peephole cameras, this Eques offering does come with night vision. However, images still turn out blurry if they are captured at night. You will have to turn on a porch light if you want this camera to remain helpful when the sun goes down.


App not required for this peephole camera
User interface is simple and easy to understand
Compatible with a 32GB SD card
Battery can last for a month after being charged


Will require additional lighting to work effectively at night


Digitalharbor Peephole Viewer

We’re looking at the cheaper peephole cameras now and we’re beginning with the Peephole Viewer from Digitalharbor.

Here, we have a peephole camera that stands out because of how easy it is to operate. You don’t have to spend too much time figuring out how it works because the commands and instructions are very intuitive.

You also don’t have to worry that much about this peephole camera failing to do its job. As soon as the doorbell is pressed, a photo of your visitor will automatically be snapped. It can also record video as soon as the doorbell is pressed.

Beyond the easy interface, I also like the larger display included with this camera that makes it easier to see what’s going on. The 150-degree wide angle lens also offers a good-sized view of your surroundings.

You will want to carve out a significant amount of time before you install this peephole camera though. Because it is a wired device, you will have to make more adjustments before you can properly install this on your door.

It also has some night vision problems. You will have to pair it up with a light source to get better use out of it when it’s dark outside.


Interface is very easy to pick up
Easily activated
Provides a decent field of view


Will take some time to install
Has some night vision issues




Awakingdemi Peephole Camera

Next up, we have the inexpensive Peephole Camera from Awakingdemi.

For a peephole camera with a price that it is very budget-friendly, you may be pleasantly surprised at the quality of the display included. The 3-inch HD display allows you to easily see who is knocking on your door.

You also don’t need to do anything complicated to get this peephole camera up and running. Installation instructions are easy to find and follow. Activation is similarly simple as you can turn it on or off by just varying how long you press down on the button.

A field of view that tops out at 145 degrees is not great, but it is sufficient for a peephole camera.

If you also end up needing extra space, you can partner this peephole camera up with an SD card. It’s compatible with SD cards that can offer up to 32GB of extra storage space.

It is worth noting that this peephole camera is useful just for capturing pictures. You will have to purchase something else if you need video functionality.

Similar to some of the other peephole cameras included in this article, this item also has trouble presenting clear pictures at night.


Clear 3-inch HD display
Easily activated
Works with 32GB SD cards


No video function
Struggles with low lighting




Acehome Peephole Doorbell Camera

The last item we’re going to review in this article is the Peephole Doorbell Camera from Acehome. Despite being one of the cheaper peephole cameras currently on the market, this item is surprisingly versatile.

What allows this peephole camera to stand out from the other options available is the fact that it comes with three operating modes.

You can set the camera to “At Home” mode if you or someone in your family can quickly answer the door or set it to “Leave Home” mode if you want it to ring but you’re currently unable to come to the door. “No Disturb” mode will allow the camera to continue recording and taking pictures even if it doesn’t ring or light up.

The 160-degree wide angle lens is also better than what you’ll see on some more expensive options.

The screen included is nothing great though. You may end up having to take a look at the screen for a long time just to see who knocked.


Features three different working modes
Makes use of a 160-degree lens


Images and videos do not show up clearly on the display



The last thing you want to do is to open your home up to potential danger. You can avoid that needless risk by installing a peephole camera. With this wonderful piece of technology on your door, you can minimize the risk of a stranger invading your personal space and you can also better protect your family in the process.

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