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Best Smart Locks – 2019

If you are the sort of person who likes to live their life free from worry of being scammed, then you are probably cautions of who you give your credit card information to. Oftentimes, this can make shopping online a chore. Buying from a foreign website always feels like it might put you at risk.

This is a reasonable response to have. It is because of this that our list will feature items that are all available for purchase from Amazon. Do not think that this, however, will have an impact on the quality of our choices. All of the smart locks listed will be superb purchases for the right consumer.

Those who are unfamiliar with the current trend that is slowly overtaking today’s markets may find trouble keeping along with this business. To put it simply, smart locks are lock systems that are made to keep their homes secure. Because the trend is just catching on, there are a lot of defunct products out there. This is what inspired us to list out your best options as a consumer.


August Smart Lock Pro + Connect

This smart lock was made for people who feel meticulous care for their safety. If you are concerned for your safety at all, this smart watch is worth looking into. Particularly if you are worried about what happens when people think they can break into your home with ease.

The August Smart Lock Pro has an extremely useful advantage that makes it quite a bit more useful than certain other smart locks depending on the situation. This model is only visible from the inside, so any burglars that may break into your home, or may already be breaking into your home, will get caught by the smart lock.

When you are a resident of a neighborhood that you perhaps trust most of, it can be harder to see when someone is acting suspiciously or in a way that could put you in danger. If you have any neighbors that give you a bad feeling, it is important to have a smart lock that you can set up anonymously, because if someone is plotting on malicious activity, they will look for a different way in rather than tackling with a lock that will catch him in his act. This is, needless to say, counter-intuitive if you are hoping to catch someone in the act.



Kwikset Kevo Touch to Open Smart Lock

While this recommendation is not the cheapest smart lock available, the chances are that if you are looking for a smart lock for your home, you want something that will do the job right, regardless of whether or not it is a little more pricey. Luckily, this option is packed with features and innovations, some of which have been so impactful they shifted the entire scene of the smart lock business permanently.

This is not just a smart lock here; it is an undeniable path to feeling limitless security. So many precautions are taken with the design of this smart lock that hardly anyone could ignore it. The chances are any burglar would run away just at the sight of the thing, too. It is important to note, then, that if you are someone who wants to ensure discretion with your smart lock, you may want to consider another option. Again, this would be used if you are suspicious of someone who lives nearby you that you may want to catch in the act of doing something unacceptable.

However, this smart lock brings too much to the table to ignore the obvious benefits of having this system in place for your home. For nearly every consumer, this smart lock will change the way you perceive individual security in this world, and you may finally enjoy life worry-free.





Danalock v3

The Danalock v3 stands out on this list as one of an uncommon example of genuine and significant improvement from the original model, which, although functional, left consumers with much to be desired.

However, those thinking about upgrading their homes with the addition of a smart lock should not bother worrying, because this edition brings vast improvements to the old. While others on this list may have certain features this lock has, no one can deny its supreme quality. Particularly when regarding the constructional design of the smart lock, its build is just incredibly awe-inspiring.

This is certainly a flashy smart lock. It doesn’t only have the looks, though; it has the performance to back it up. The app response time between your phone and the lock is something that definitely needs to be worked upon in the business of smart locks, but you can be rest assured that this is far from the case for the Danalock. The response time is so buttery-smooth that you may not even notice any delay at all.

However, with every good product, there is something that keeps it from being absolutely perfect. While this lock is going to be a good pick for thousands of customers, there is no need to gaze upon it as a divine object, because it comes with a major flaw.


The lock is held in place by a deadbolt.

While this may provide enough security for some people’s worries, others may not be so convinced. It is, after all, possible to dismount a deadlock. This glaring issue is generally the one that keeps it from being regarded as a true “classic,” so to speak, of the smart lock community. While there is a definitive following for this lock, claiming that it has very promising functionality and features regardless of however difficult the deadbolt issue is to swallow.

They are correct, too. As long as a deadbolt is enough security for you, this is the perfect smart lock. Not only is it packed with quality features and design, but it is a great deal. Consumers would be hard-pressed to find another smart lock that works in terms of functionality than this one.


Schlage Sense

When you think of smart locks, you might generally think that most of the manufacturers are newer companies. Companies that are just entering business, as such a technological advancement would likely come from a fresh, young mind. However, in regards to the Schlage Sense, you have the lock-manufacturing experience of over 100 years on your side. Schlage has had results in the industry for decades, and there is no chance that they would even consider entering the smart lock game if they were not ready to give it their all. That being said, they made a very consistent smart lock that delivers.

It is due to their devotion to creating a quality product that they were able to receive a Grade 1 rating by ANSI, a highly-prestigious award. The public, upon viewing this lock, has held it in universal acclaim. Again, this is in part due to the sheer amount of creativity brought forth by the team of developers who settled on production choice for this lock. They did not want to create just any cheap lock experience for their customers; rather, they wanted to truly satisfy them, to create a product that their consumers will remember for years, and this is exactly what they have managed to do.

Truthfully, it is hard to remain publicly and critically acclaimed when you are creating a product. A business almost never expects this when they create a product. Usually, manufacturers simple want to be good enough that people will buy from them; after all, this is the best possible outcome financially for the business.

Many people would think that such is second nature to man. This would, then, place Schlage in the position of a highly moralistic person, one who does not allow for anyone to treat others poorly. You have to really understand the motivations of Schlage to know why quality is so important to them.

They were founded at a time when individuals had many security issues with locks, so criminals could easily break into people’s homes and either harm or rob them. This means that the company’s entire foundation is the motivation to keep people from dying. This is why they have such a good and consistent track record of helping out those who are less fortunate than them, and that is also why we can consider them trustworthy.

While this is all true, this smart lock suffers from the same issue the previously listed lock had; it has to be mounted with a deadbolt. Therefore, someone could feasibly break it off. It would be difficult, but it could potentially happen. If you can deadbolt it in such a way that it is securely in place, then this product will definitely do you justice.





August SmartLock HomeKit Enabled

This is a smart lock that is definitely pushing the envelope in terms of technological advancement. August, as they have been previously listed on this list, has a very good reputation for providing extremely high-quality smart locks to the table. Because of this, we could not help but listing them twice, as they truly have two of the greatest smart locks on the market, both of them having proper audiences to appeal to.

In the case of the HomeKit, this is a smart lock wherein you do not need to worry one bit about how compatible it is with your home technology. It is made to be used by the people, so it was programmed with their struggles in mind, and everyone knows that nothing is worse than a smart lock that is difficult to install. Because of this, installation will be made a piece of cake.

Furthermore, this system has a very simple interface that will be easy for all customers to interpret. Because of this, people do not need to be wary if they are unsure about how to go about setting up this system, even if they are in great need of it. This smart lock will be a cinch to install and put into place.

There is also a built in support line for the lock, a number you can call that will, as we have tested, pick up the phone and help out with any issues that you have. Therefore, you needn’t worry about the security of your lock, or about the difficulty involved in learning how to use it.

There are some drawbacks, however. The lock is visible to the public, and it could be connected to your door a little bit more securely, but it does seem to hold just fine. Once again, this is meant to be a simple installation, so for some, that level of security is probably okay, if not expected.

Once again, this is an extremely high-quality smart lock, and it is worth looking into for anyone who believes they could have an improvement to their home security with its addition. And, truly, this is what every item listed here ought to accomplish for consumers reading, trying to figure out what the very best smart lock in the field is.


Which one is the best?

While it may be frustrating for some of you to hear, when we tried to pick the best smart lock out of these five, it was simply too difficult of a task to accomplish. Quite simply, we wanted to make a list that was totally honest, and if we are honest, every smart lock listed here has its own benefits and disadvantages. Someday, there may be one of these companies that steps up and really takes the crown for having the best production and quality in their smart locks, but up to this point, that has not happened yet. As such, we can safely determine that we do not have to worry about picking a “best” just yet.

Rather it is more important to recognize the universal truths of life, and in these truths, we must understand that there is not always a black and white answer to everything, and there certainly is not a black and white answer to the best available type of smart lock. All smart lock systems are unique and complex in their own way. It is of great importance to consider this when deciding which smart lock to buy; which one will benefit you in the most ways? Are there any negative aspects of the lock that apply to you? If there are, are you willing to deal with these points of negativity for the sake of the smart lock?

These are the questions we must ask ourselves when deciding how best to arm our homes with protection. It is important that everyone have some sort of smart lock to defend their homes, but it is just as important to note that there is no definitive “best,” and different homes require different feats to be accomplished. As such, we hope that this guide has made you more acquainted with the available options for smart locks, and we hope that you can now make an informed decision on which to buy.

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