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Best Spy Glasses – Recording Events As You See It – 2019

Different kinds of spy glasses exist in the market today. These devices are suitable for individuals who are looking to record events that they see, do, or hear in secret. Spy glasses usually are discrete since they appear like typical glasses. You can put them on to any occasion, and no person will suspect a thing. They normally include a microphone for recording audio and a camera for capturing both images and footage.

These files are usually stored temporarily in an SD in the spy glasses before being transferred to external storage via WiFi or USB connection, which are enabled in the best spy glasses. They also feature rechargeable batteries that can last for a decent period before being recharged again. However, obtaining the best spy glasses can be tasking since various brands offer a wide variety of spy glasses with varying features. Hence, this review of the top ten spy glasses and buying guide will assist in narrowing down the list of ten best spy glasses and informing you about the benefits and legality of the use of spy glasses.


Here’s our 10 Best Spy Glasses List

1. PowMax WW-81 Spy Glasses

PowMax WW-81 Spy Glasses feature an elegant, stylish, and sophisticated design that makes them perfect for both men and women. You can employ it in capturing 1080P videos of high-quality in MP4/H.264 format at a speed of 30 frames per second. You can also capture pictures that are clear and sharp in JPEG format. They have photo and video resolutions of 1920 by 1080 and 1280 by 720P respectively.

The spyglasses include USB and card reader that lets you connect them with PC or laptops without the need of drivers. They support Micro-TF cards between 8 and 32 GB. Additionally, they feature lenses of 120 degrees angle. They can record both what is in the front and the entire peripheral vision. This makes them ideal for all outdoor activities such as target practice, fishing, racing, boating, hunting, and more. It has a polymer Lithium battery with a capacity of 500 mAh and allows the recording and shooting of videos and photos for up to 3 hours.

• The sound is well synchronized with the video
• They are polarized and suitable for 3D movies
• Clear lenses
• Lightweight and comfortable to wear for long
• Affordable

• The package lacks a Micro SD





2. Forestfish Spy Glasses

Forestfish is a favorite brand in the sunglasses industry because it features an integrated HD 720P video recorder, and performs as Bluetooth headset that includes detachable earbuds. Capturing of images with these spy glasses requires you to push of the power button thrice. The glasses let you change between two modes by pressing the ‘Camera’ and ‘Photo’ buttons situated on the left. Moreover, they have polarized lenses that provide anti-UV as well as anti-glare protection, which makes them ideal for outdoor activities such as climbing, hunting, driving, cycling, traveling, and more.

In case you possess devices that feature Bluetooth functionality such as a tablet or smartphone, you can use these spy glasses to pick your calls, listen to songs, or record videos. They have an in-built 8GB memory card that lets you record for long. It also supports 32GB TF card. It has 128 hours standby time and allows you to record videos for a maximum of 3 hours.

• HD video quality for extraordinary recording experience
• They look like ordinary glasses
• Compatible with Windows PC and Mac
• They have a manual

• Poor video recording when the charge is under 15 percent



3. Spectacles Spy Glasses

Spectacles offer you an ideal way to record your videos for later access. You can record moment-by-moment for 30, 20, 10 seconds at a time. The videos are saved in a unique format of circular video that resembles the field of vision seen by the human eye. They allow you to record videos by pressing a button, which means you can record videos without anyone noticing.

Additionally, you can link the Spectacles through WiFi and import your videos in HD format. You can upload them to Snapchat, another app, or your smartphone’s camera roll. Spectacles can take a maximum of 100 snap videos when on a full charge. You can recharge them fully in their charging case that can store a maximum of four full charges at a single time. They come with a charging cable, a cleaning cloth, a manual, a charging case, and a 1-year warranty.

• The videos you record go straight to your Snapchat
• Available in numerous attractive color choices
• Videos can be played in full screen

• The glasses are limited to Snapchat on iOS and Android devices



4. iVUE Spy Glasses

These spy glasses allow you to capture vibrant and sharp 1080P HD videos at a speed of 30 frames per second. They also let you record 720P HD videos at a higher frame frequency of 60FPS, making them ideal for fast action shots. The sunglasses are simple since you start to record by pressing a button. There is an audio tune that will warn you during the start and stop of recording. Additionally, the indicator light will flash on the glasses’ inner right arm during recording. They also offer a wider field of vision, which is ideal for recording of sports events since you can record more than what you can see.

They feature advanced stabilization features to assist in the reduction of jitters and shakes. Hence, your videos will have a smoother and clear look. Moreover, it comes with an 8G memory card, and its memory can be expanded up to 32GB. Its plastic frames are of high-quality and look durable and robust. Generally, the spy glasses are well built and tightly designed with gaskets covering the ports to make them resistant to weather.

• Videos have a time/date stamp
• Polarized lenses that safeguard the eyes from UV
• Supports recording of time-lapse
• Starts recording on the go

• Cannot capture still images



5. OhO Spy Glasses

The OhO spy glasses are multifunctional sunglasses that are suitable for recording videos during motorcycling, hunting, cycling, fishing, mountain biking, climbing, traveling, and more. They can record videos at 1920 by 1080P full HD in AVI format. Also, they can capture sharp images and record clear sound. They also include 3.77mm pinhole lens that makes them suitable for spying. Recording videos need you to long press the power button for two seconds. You can press the mode button once to get into still picture mode.

Take a photo by pressing the power button while on this mode. Moreover, the sunglasses come with an integrated 8GB Micro SD card, which is easy to replace or remove. It also comes with 16GB Micro SD that can save a maximum of 170 minutes of footage. Its integrated battery performs for around 130 minutes when fully charged and can be recharged for two hours. When your spy glasses get full battery charge, a red indicator will change to blue. You can extract the SD card before using a card reader to watch the recorded videos on your Mac, PC, and phone.

• The sound is well synced with the video
• Outstanding image and video quality
• One hour of continuous recording
• Contemporary, stylish design

• Not weatherproof



6. Pivothead Spy Glasses

Pivothead spy glasses are popular for capturing vibrant 1080P HD footage at a speed of 30FPS. The sunglasses have an 8MP resolution and a Sony CMOS Image sensor that allows you to take still pictures. In general, you can take one picture, time lapse crisp still images at a variety of intervals, and 16-shot fast still photos. They have an easy process of recording videos. You only need to wear them before focusing on the activity being captured. Then push the Pivothead button forward to begin capturing HD footage. Push the same button to halt and save. Moreover, you can utilize its Micro USB 2.0 cable to transfer your photos and videos to your iOS, Android, or PC devices. The spy glasses are compatible with both Windows PC and Mac. They also have integrated internal memory of 8GB, which means that they can be used immediately they leave the box.

• They suit the majority of users and are comfortable
• Available in numerous color choices including Moab Iguana, Durango Smoke, Glacier Blue, and more
• Have a field of view of 75 degrees
• Have control setting software for better use
• Wind-resistant audio

• Short battery life





7. KAMRE Spy Glasses

The KAMRE spy glasses are fully black, which makes the camera lens entirely discrete. The lenses are polarized and resistant to UV to safeguard your eyes from sunlight. They are stylish and enhance a fashionable look. In addition to the attractive and sleek style, they are comfortable for wearing. They capture footage at complete HD 1080P resolution at an angle of 65 degrees. Additionally, they have a memory capacity of a maximum of 32GB. The integrated lithium battery has a capacity of 450mAh and can capture footage for up to one and a half hours. You can find the recording button on the frame’s side before clicking it once to record your footage. They have a recording indicator light on the left arm’s inside to conceal it from other people. The brand has used high-quality instead of ABS plastic to build spy glasses, which has made them durable. The lens will safeguard your eyes from UV rays.

• Sleek and durable
• Very discreet
• High-quality video capturing

• Unsuitable for formal events
• Narrow lens





8. Jiusion Spy Glasses

The Jiuson Spy Glasses are one of the most affordable spy glasses that offer you the required features for spy recording. Their design includes a very sleek frame that fails to accommodate a camera. Hence, a detachable camera is mounted the left arm’s side. They fail in discretion but achieve in performance. They capture 1080P footage at a frequency rate of 30FPS and shoot pictures with a camera of 8 MP.

Additionally, they feature an 8GB micro SD for storing a maximum of 10 hours of footage. The memory can be expanded up to 32 GB. If you are looking to align the date/time stamp, you need first to sync the camera to your computer. They come with a one-year guarantee on labor and parts as well as a one-month return policy. They also feature loop recording that allows them to record on top of old footage when you run out of space. They can capture footage for a maximum of 1.2 hours once fully charged.

• Very affordable
• High-quality video recording
• Loop recording
• Detachable camera

• Fails to offer UV protection
• Not discreet





9. Gogloo Spy Glasses

If you are looking to capture sports footage, then these glasses are for you. They include the most advanced functions of all the spy glasses in the industry, and they come at a high price. They can capture videos in 1080P and 720P resolution at an angle of 110 degrees. They can also continually record even during the charging process. They feature Sony Sensors to prevent the camera from too much shaking, and the camera can shoot images of 8 MP resolution. Moreover, they use minimal energy and can record in dim light. They have a feature for reducing white noise and Dual Stereo Microphone that offers focused and clear recordings.

They are designed with the Grilamid TR90 frame that is lightweight, durable, versatile, and sleek. Their frames are impact and temperature resistant, non-allergic, and resistant to heat, moisture, and other elements. They also have lenses that have anti-glare and anti-UV capabilities. They are polarized and can safeguard you from blue light up to 400nm. Additionally, you only need to push a button on the frame’s side to start recording. To take pictures, you need to push twice. You can also link them to WiFi so that you can transfer the files to your PC or phone. They come with a one-year unconditional warranty.

• Wide angle lens
• Very advanced
• Cancels white noise
• Can connect to phones and PC through WiFi
• Low light performance
• Lenses safeguard the eyes from blue light, UV, and glare
• Durable frames

• Very attractive
• Expensive





10. LDPmade Spy Glasses

These spay glasses are incredibly typical in appearance. You can put them on to any event or meeting that is informal or formal, and no one will notice them. Due to their anonymity, they are top discreet spy glasses in the industry. The camera lens is placed on the right lens’ side, making it appear like a small hole made for design purposes. The spy glasses can capture 1080P full HD footage and shoot images with a camera that has 5MP and 1600 by 1200 resolution. The camera can offer clear images in the dark by shifting to low light performance.

Moreover, it features a button situated on the frame that increases in temperature after capturing videos for five minutes, which indicates that footage is being taken. Poke the reset button, which is near the USB port, with a pin to reset the device. Syncing the time needs you to link the glasses to your PC before configuring the time file depending on your time zone. The camera can record footage with a length of 50 minutes when the glasses are charged fully. They have a built-in 16 GB memory card.

• Very discreet
• Excellent low light performance

• Complicated operation in comparison to other spy glasses





Benefits of Spy Glasses

One great benefit of spy glasses is their capacity to record everything that takes place. They can be useful if you happen to be in a hazardous place, or in a situation where it would be advantageous to have the event recorded. Security personnel and police officers should wear them, particularly if they don’t have body cams. Spy glasses can assist them in clearing things in case of a problem.

Additionally, they can make it easier to record family events and vacations. Spy glasses can be useful in filming your children’s party, especially because you need to keep your hands free. Because they are unobtrusive, they can assist in capturing footage of people looking natural. Individuals will not filter their habits since they know they are being recorded.



If you are looking to purchase some spy glasses for spying on your employees or dishonest wife, be sure to consider the legality of your action. In most of the situations, it is illegal to film a person without them knowing. However, the rules don’t apply to public places since people must expect their actions to be public knowledge in such places. But people’s conversations should not be recorded regardless of the location. But this might not matter in the case the recording is for personal purposes like knowing if your spouse is unfaithful. However, you cannot use it in court as it could be removed from evidence and you might end up in trouble.

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